• Water Bath

    It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time
    Temp minimum: +5° C
    Temp maximum: 100° C
    capacity - 6 liter
    interior & exterior material - stainless steel
    control - analog

  • Auto Clave

    used to sterilize instruments. It uses steam under high pressure to remove any contaminants or bacteria.
    It quickly kills all forms of microbes including bacterial endoscopers
    Size - 12x12 & 12x15

  • Digital / Manual Incubetor
  • Vertex Shaker
  • VDRL Shaker Manual / Digital
  • Hot Air Oven

    Generally applicable for tempature upto 250° C for treating chemicals & glass ware in laboratories.
    Various applications such as heating, drying & sterlizing.
    Triple walled inner made of thick stainless steel.
    Temp : 50° C to 250° C